Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Lucky One

Before I begin this review I need to clarify a few things. Firstly, this is a review of a chick flick, and by that I mean a film that is made specifically for women aged 18-35. Secondly, I am a woman in that age bracket. Thirdly, this is a review of a chick flick.

I felt that I just needed to get that out there because so often films of this style are swept under the rug, deemed insignificant or just too 'girly'. One of the first things we're taught when creating films is to know our audience. This is a film that knows its audience.

The Lucky One centers around 25 year old Marine Logan (Zac Efron) who finds a photo of a girl whilst serving in Iraq. He then survives things that many of his fellow soldiers do not, things he believes he shouldn't have survived. He decides that if he ever makes it through he would find the woman in the photo and thank her. When he returns home he finds that he can't put the war behind him. So he and his dog Zeus make the walk to Louisiana where he's tracked the woman in the photo to.

When he arrives there he is able to find the woman, Beth (Taylor Schilling) a single mom. He takes a job at her family's dog kennel. At first Beth is suspicious of this man who's just walked from Colorado, but eventually she finds herself falling for him. However as they get closer the presence of her ex-husband, the local sheriff, and the secret Logan's hiding threatens their relationship.

I have read a few reviews of this film and most of them are not positive. I can understand why certain people wouldn't enjoy this film. It does not have a lot of depth, it's an obvious plot, the cast is your typical Nicholas Sparks creation, i.e white, heterosexual and American. If you are searching for something original then this is not the film for you.

I however found the film charming. Both Efron and Schilling created realistic characters that were true to the characters in the novel. They have great chemistry, which arguably is the most important apsect of any chick flick. There are no surprises in the plot but the film is entertaining and if you go in with 'chick flick' expectations then you'll be satisfied, and if you're a fan of Zac Efron shirtless then you won't be disappointed.

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